National organisation type carbon and cost benefit curve

The national organisation type carbon and cost benefit curve shows the interventions for a specific type of organisation. Savings are shown assuming a moderate implementation in five years for the organisations of this type in England.

Please note: This resource is intended to provide an overview of carbon and cost reduction opportunities, as well as a framework within which users can develop their own analysis. The figures are derived from specific case studies and as such will not be equally applicable for every organisation. Developing local business cases will require local technical and economic assessments. This tool identifies the potential opportunities, interventions to investigate and scale of savings and is not a substitute for the usual financial analysis required to assemble a case for investment.

This is one of the Healthy Returns by 2020 online tools for carbon and cost saving for the NHS, public health and social care system. Savings presented here have been calculated for the health and care sector in England using existing case studies and research evidence with an assumption of moderate implementation in five years. See also National carbon and cost benefit curve and Your carbon and cost benefit curve.