Help on the FAQ system

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) system powers several different parts of this site including:

  • Powerful Points: a set of compelling data points in support of a wide range of sustainability issues ; Open
  • Case Studies: A range of case studies on interventions in the Health sector that create more sustainable outcomes at the same time as maintaining or improving health outcomes. Open

Help for Authors and Editors of the FAQ system

Switching between FAQ systems

All FAQ systems use the same mechanism for authoring and editing content entries. If you have access to more than one you may switch between them using the selection box in the top right.

Shortcut keys

  • ? – show this help
  • / – move the cursor to the search box
  • Enter / Tab from search box – trigger the search

Searching on keywords (hashtags)

Each entry has been tagged with a range of keywords to help you quickly find relevant information. Here are some hints on how to use keywords (also known as hashtags).

  • #wider will find all items tagged ‘Wider determinants of health’ (currently 27)
  • #determinants will find the same 27
  • #wider #determinants will find the same 27
  • #wider determinants will find the 27 matching #wider and then remove any not having determinants in the headline (i.e. returns no matches) which makes sense because it is what you have asked it to do by omitting the second #.
Example of searching on #wider #determinants